The Threat from the Right

August 4, 2012

The United States finds itself facing an extraordinary political development with the rise of a far-right Tea Party movement that has largely taken over one of the country?s two major political parties, the Republicans.

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Balz: Texas has become epicenter of conservative movement


In the 20 years since George W. Bush was elected governor, the Texas GOP has turned several shades redder.

Roberts, a GOP institution, now battling for his political life


Sen. Pat Roberts has been a powerful political force in Kansas and Washington for decades. He has helped craft significant farm bills and was...

Visconti Faces Pressure To Drop Out Of Gubernatorial Race


With three candidates on the ballot this November, some in politics believe Connecticut?s race for governor is too crowded. Tea Party advocates are calling...

Mark Pocan calls for a new 'real tea party' at Fighting Bob Fest


The congressman said today's tea party doesn't represent the spirit of the act that inspired it, and urged progressives to fight against corporate influence...